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at another cooling trend. stay with us. we will have a look at the seven day outlook in a few minutes. katie. >> union and bart management will be back at the bargaining table today with less than 48 hours until the streak deadline. they left talks last night giving no indication a breakthrough was imminent. we have the latest on negotiations from oakland. >> mark's lead negotiator, thomas hawk, pushed through a gauntlet of reporters and talked while he walked about ongoing negotiations. >> longs you continue to meet, there's progress. >> just before 8:00 p.m. the talks ended for the night with a sunday night deadline looming. >> at this time there is no discussion about extending the contract. >> chris finn is a union negotiator and train operator. she said only about ten minutes of negotiations between the union and bart negotiators happened to, pinning the lack of negotiation on bart's lead negotiator. >> the people who are interested in keeping bart going, they would like to talk more, but when he's in the room they stated they are not free to express their opinion. >> the general manage
in syria. abc news is reporting the u.s. military could take action in syria as soon as this weekend. the president and staff are deciding how to respond to the massacre of at least 1400 people with chemical weapons. and with four u.s. navy ships already off the syrian coast, the white house is leaving little doubt that the united states would respond with force, abc7 news reporter has the latest. >> president obama is weighing the responses to a chemical weapons attack he said syria carried out last week. he's speaking with his national security team while execution americans a strike against bashar al assad's government with be limited. >> we are not considering any open-ended commitment. we aren't considering any boots on the ground approach. >> military experts say the u.s. is measuring a measured response in the form of air strikes on syria's capital. >> they will go after the unit that conducted the attack on the civiliance 678 they know where they are and they will punish them with strikes butch they will also do something visually compelling. they will level probably a milita
. this bartender is looking forward to working monday. >> it was actually good for us service workers. >> the bart strike could mean just the opposite for many others. >> i'm dreading it personally. >> this business relies on the financial district crowd for the bulk of their sales. >> but if people aren't coming to sales, we will miss out on the lunch and retail sales. >> dozens of businesses depend on bart. >> you will do monday? >> no, kelly will be here. >> kelly will do monday? >> yes. >> they are already work on staffing backup schedules and customers who come in for a haircut after work are cancelling. >> if they need to get home or to a carpool situation, they won't have that availability after work. >> many business owners admit they don't need to wait until the trains stop running to know just declaring a strike has already affected their business. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> sf bay berry will run extra ferries. there will be 13 vessels instead of the typical 8. golden gate transit will have no additional service but two of its boats will be used by bay ferry. and
for ending your week with us. >> a look at the weather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. tracking fog this friday morning. here is the recent visibility at three quarters in santa rosa to quarter-mile visibility in half moon bay and four in novato and fog elsewhere but it is not hitting the reporting stations. watch out for variable conditions this morning. the temperatures today are not quite so warm as yesterday but, still, impressive in the east bay valley and upper 80's to low 90's for the warm spot. upper 70's to near 80 in the south bay. low-to-mid 80's in the in the bay and low-to-mid 60's into san francisco where it will be more cloudy longer than the rest of us. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> we have a crash if live more clearing eastbound 580 at highway 4 and it is not causing delays but stubborn to clear. the rest of drive is move well with another construction project westbound dublin at the interchange with cones being picked up. you will start to see the traffic dissipate. as far as mass transit, bart, muni and ace train and caltrain all running on time. th
, and the threat of thunderstorms. yeah, definitely. checking out the humidity. most of us from 68% at fairfield to 100% half moon bay. that's why we don't have the high fire danger now. it's too humid. we don't have thunderstorms. and even if we did, look at the winds. they're calm to about 8 miles per hour. so anything that did develop would not get out of hand. bay shore, the coast, those are the areas not in where you see the red, not in this high fire danger. now, this is now all the way through 3:00 wednesday morning. ama? >> all right, thank you so much, eric. >> all right. >>> happening now, temperatures are rising, and as mike mentioned, so is the fire danger, most of the bay area. he told you about the red flag warning. we're all being asked to be cautious. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more on this. amy? >> reporter: eric, they're gearing up for fire season at the cal fire stations like this one because of the dry conditions. but, also, because of the threat of dry lightning. they've even brought in firefighters from other parts of the state. they have noticed the dr
as we enter the first full day of the bridge closure. thanks positive joining us. >> we are keeping a close eye on the commute, the first since the bay bridge shut down. crews are working to get the new eastern span of the bridge ready. >> are you ready with an alternative means of getting to work? we have coverage at the tom toll. -- at the toll plaza. matt? >> the work is intense on the bay bridge. a steady stream of heavy equipment moved in moments after the bridge was closed. it is still here. crews are tearing up the old approach to the bridge and grinding away the old pavement to make way if a new path from the toll plaza. the new span will be connected to the oakland side and the island tunnel on the west side. on opening day there will be two miles of k rail to guide you while the old bridge is still riding. >> they will put up 10,000' of rail to control the traffic. headed into the tunnel westbound and eastbound, as well. >> the most challenging roth is demolition of the old upper deck so the bicycle path can be connected between land and bridge. the work during the closur
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> a check on the forecast. mike, what do you have? >> a lack of cloud cover. partly cloudy to mostly clear. no fog. no mist. no drizzle. off to a good start for the forecast. we will talk about what is going to happen this afternoon. we will see a lot of sunshine. but, still, with the constant sea breeze temperatures are below average. we will be cool of the loan the coast at 58 in san francisco and 63. around the bay from 64 to 76. under land the range is from 73 to 81. warmer weather is coming up in the next forecast. leyla gulen? >> we have a brand new accident on the bay bridge. the cartinez has trouble with a couple of vehicles. it look like the tolls are loading up on the bay bridge. if you are traveling in the westbound direction you will see slow and go traffic. mass transit all run on time as is ace train. no delays out there. here we go at look at san rafael drive coming from santa benicia the headlights are looking light so decent conditions and no crashes or construction out there.
you for joining us. i am kristen sze. you may find mist or drizzle. >> we did. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> it is juicy out there. it is not rain, it is drizzle, very fine drizzle hanging in the air and floating to the ground. i don't think it is enough to coat the ground but it could be tomorrow and more so thursday morning. we talk about the first forecast. 75 to 80 inland with sunshine at noon. clouds ambassador the bay by 1:00 o'clock, 66 to 75 and cool at the coast into san francisco and 57 to 61 and partly unany conditions today. how is the morning commute? >> kauai society far with one accident south of the 280 extension in san francisco involving four vehicles now on the shoulder. we were seeing a little bit of spectator slowing in the east bay over the altamont pass, we have construction that will block lanes until later this morning and eastbound side of 580 between greenville and north flynn road it is bottlenecking and you see yellow in the eastbound direction. over the westbound side we are loading up out of tracy and bumper-to-bumper traffic
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is action, thank you for joining us. >> as mike told us yesterday it would be hot yesterday afternoon. it was. it is carrying on into this morning. >> warmer this morning. from three to six degrees with humidity stepping outside. that is translating into fog. you can see on live doppler 7 hd a mile visibility in napa and a quarter mile in novato so 101 is getting dangerous and 1.5 mile in half moon bay. temperatures today will be close to average, near normal day with 63 at half moon bay and 68 in san francisco and upper 70's to mid-80's for the bay and upper 80's in the north bay and even 90's in the east bay valley. now the commute this morning, leyla gulen? >> we have clear conditions across much of the bay area but a buildup of congestion in the usual places including antioch and the altamont pass. we have a sig-alert east palo alto northbound 101 on university avenue. it turns into a signature aleft, a solo vehicle spinout and they trying to rescue the person in the car. there is spectator slowing to san jose. now
actually see the cloudiness or turbidity increase slowly, giving us time to make adjustments so there would be no disruption in water service to any of our customers. >> local water supplies can be tapped into as a backup, but hetch hetchy is also a big source of power. it keeps the lights on inside every public building in san francisco and keeps muni rolling. two out of three powerhouses are now off-line to prevent lines from arcing and endangering firefighters, but they may already be damaged. >> we don't any the condition of our above grind facilities, electric transmission lines, power outages and cartages and house wes have up in the sierras. >> pge is selling power to the city to make up the difference. >> great any are looking out for us. devastate to go some of the smaller businesses if they didn't have a simple anything like water. >> steve said he didn't take his water for granted. protecting the supply is now the challenge from a wildfire still raging. >>> developing news where police are investigating a shooting in the marina district. it happened just after 11:00 last night on
>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 25th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. we are starting off with the live doppler hd. the weak weather system is not only bringing us clouds but the chance of a few light sprinkles. here we are at 9:00 this morning. you see a few returns right off the coast of point reyes this morning and we will continue to put it in motion through noontime. the clouds do scattered out and we will be left with a partly cloudy afternoon. aside from the morning chance of showers, the sea breeze kicks up and it also works to scatter out the cloud cover, bring us sunshine. keeping the numbers cool, though. we are talk about a modern warmup in the days ahead. >> we continue to follow the wildfire burning near yosemite. the fire has burned nearly 130,000 acres. it's just 7% contained. more than 5500 homes are threatened. 11 were destroyed. officials worry the number could rise. john alston has the latest on the fire from tuolumne coun
, thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. the grinding and demolition work continues this morning to get the new bay bridge span ready to open on tuesday. the gridlock was the exception yesterday. will the last work day before the holiday be any different? matt keller has more from the toll plaza. >> a lot the work is done at the toll plaza and you can see the ground. we watched yesterday as they grinded up the asphalt here and the approach to the toll plaza is almost complete but they do have to pave this part. more than 14,000 tons of as fault are traveling on trucks on interstate 580 during the commute and the bridge could have 400 workers working in shifts 24 hours a day aiming for the scheduled tuesday 5:00 a.m. opening. >> construction schedules have breathing room in case something goes on, there is a very slim chance we will not make the tuesday morning opening but we have seen nothing to indicate we would not making tuesday morning at 5:00. >> the old bridge is blocking the way for the bicycle path attached to the new span to 1,000 feet is dismantleed. the bicycle bridges will b
:00 a.m. we thank you for the company. >> thats for joining us. i would say ground hog day but it would feel like groundhog day. >> is it groundhog day? is the weather the same? we are dealing with drizzle again. it is out there. it is wide-spread drizzle like yesterday. it is not very heavy. that is why we not seeing any rain show up on live doppler 7 hd but there is drizzle for the morning commute. this afternoon, temperatures are going do run around 72 at petaluma to 81 in antioch and brentwood and it will be sunny by 1:00 o'clock and we will be mostly sunny around the bay from 67 in sausalito to 75 in san jose and along the coast into san francisco it will be partly cloudy at 60 to 65. lation laying? >> we are starting to see a couple crashes and a few stalls. we have one crash over the altamont pass in the eastbound direction in a construction zone and westbound traffic is building from tracy and as we take you into danville, southbound side of 680 a stalled vehicle in sick more valley road not causing any delays and blocking one lane but northbound and southbound direction are act
>>> good morning and thank you for joining us at 5:00. i'm in for kristen. >> i'm eric thomas. first up, a check on the weather. that red flag fire danger continues today, mike. >> absolutely. here's an update. thank you very much. yeah, all the areas in red, the western slope, the northern mountains, even our higher elevations until 11:00, the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range in the east bay hill until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. the north bay, so you can see the threat will be moving north as we head through the day. here's mendocino county. you see cloverdale. that's where our best radar returns are popping up. as you go back in time, the last six hours nearly sa,000 lightning strikes around the bay area. and also out over the ocean. in fact, we have video to show you. here's video from our emeryville camera. high-definition emeryville camera with san francisco in the background. can you see the lightning strikes. look how -- yeah, isn't that gorgeous? they're just natural beauty to me in what you're watching there. absolutely love it. you can see the multiple strikes
morning. no bart strike this morning after a last-minute move by the governor. thanks for joining us. >> we have full team coverage on the bart strike averted from the governor stepping in as we mentioned to commuters and whether the word got out. >> we begin with abc7 news reporter cornell bernard on what this means for negotiations and where we go from here. about only line, bart trains will roll this morning and for at least another week after the governor stepped in last night to trailerly block a strike hours before the deadline. the move came at the request of bart management after contract talks stalled last night. the governor told both sides in a letter he was stepping in because the strike would endanger public safety. union members are angry about there and they are slamming bart management for posturing and in their words refusing to bargain in good faith but bart says that it had no other choice. >> our wage offer has gone up and up and we have been working on the persons and on the medical issues to try and reach a deal. we are not bargaining backwards but bargaining fo
>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> thanks for joining us. >> that breaking news is in oakland where a baby follows victim to violence. right now, police are outside the home of a double fatal shooting. kira klapper is on the scene. kira? >> kristen and eric, good morning. it is tough morning out here. people arrived in the last 30 minutes and they are family members. they remain weeping uncontrollably, understandably, pop arriving here and learning that their one-year-old boy and 20-year-old man were shot in the neighborhood. dozens are police are here still investigating, homicide detects actually just arrived in the last ten minutes at 98th avenue. we can show you video. it happened two hours ago, 2:45 this morning. police say the shooter or shooters, they not sure how many, shot into the house from the backyard. again, they shot and killed a 20-year old man, a one-year-old baby boy was taken to children's hospital where he was pronounced dead, and police not saying much at this point because there is so much they don't know and they expect to be here a few mor
>> good morning, everyone. isolates 5:00 a.m.. i'm katie marzullo. so glad you could be with us this morning. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. cooler temperatures in the north bay. in the 50s. as you head outside, not only are we cool here but we are looking at coastal low fog and clouds. numbers in the 50s up in the north bay to the mid-60s down around san carlos. 60 hayward, and low clouds and fog to start. but throughout the morning hours that burns back quickly and we are in store for another warm day around the bay. but today not the warmest day of the weekend. numbers rank from the low 60s to patchy fog half moon bay to upper 80s inland. similar to what we saw yes. we are looking at temperatures throughout the evening hours pretty comfortable. the fog rolls back in, but we will get warmer tomorrow. near 100 degrees inland. i'll let you know how long that will stick around. but we also have thunderstorms to talk about, as well. >> interesting. thank, lisa. we have breaking new. one person is dead and at least four others injured this morning following a shooting in east
thank you for joining us. >> first up we will get you out the door with a check on the weather. mike? >> we could not have anything weather-wise to worry about as far as wet weather. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry it. marine layer is re-established and we have a lot of cloud cover increasing right now through 7:00. by the afternoon, it will be mostly sunny. temperatures are in the mid-60's along the coast in san francisco. low-to-mid 70's for most of the bay area. upper 70's in the south bay. also, the north bay, and the mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. most of the temperatures are below average. sue? >> good morning, everyone, so far, so good. we can see on 24, westbound, there is road work slowing things a bit moving toward the tunnel. in oakland, southbound 880, washington to a street, construction is blocking the lanes. westbound four is bunching up from antioch but still not a bad drive to hercules and 80 westbound to the maze looking at 15 minutes from hayward, beyond north main traveling all the way to the 24 junction, no delays here as you make your way throug
.m., so glad you are with us on this friday morning. >> what do we have in front of us weather-wise? mike if. >> great question. i will show you first live doppler 7 hd and the visibility. we do not have the fog yet, santa rosa visibility is down to eight with more clouds on the coast and six miles visibility at half moon bay and everyone else is okay. we will talk about what will happen today. as we head in the afternoon hours, total sunshine again, inland, from 81 in the north by to 89 in the east bay valley and an the bay we go from 70 to 80 down to san jose and long the coast, 62 to 68 in downtown san francisco and a few more clouds than yesterday. the morning commute, here is the lady with the answers. >> i have some answers and it is busy in the east bay on 880 southbound, with a construction project that should be wrapping up in moments. look at this, down to 16 or 18 miles per hour, and six miles per hour in some areas headed south of 980. we should see cones picked up as we speak so hopefully this will disappear. if you are headed in the northbound direction we have another const
superior court judge tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.. in oakland, abc7 news. >>. >>> we hope you will join us at an earlier time monday morning for details on your back to court commute. eric thompson and kristen and the traffic reporter will be on a half-hour earlier. earlier than usual at 4:00 p.m., monday at 4:00 on the abc7 news. we have resources for you on in case of a bart strike. you can down loud load our traffic appear waze! for free. >> three people were stand last night near the intersection of 22nd and full some in the city's mission district. one victim sustained life-threatening injuries. the other two were not seriously wounded. they got a call about a group of people fighting outside of a liquor store. officers arrested one suspect. people say the sacking is not gang related. >> in developing news, the major developing in the search of a missing oakland mother. investigators discovered a body in the same area they were searching for sandra coke. we have the latest. >> search crews discovered a female body in their search for missing 50-year-old sandra koch of oak
>> good morning, everyone. carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 11th. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. good morning, everyone. we are starting out with the gray skies. wipe he is are needed crossing the local ridges and temperatures are cooler. 57 in no -- novato, as well as concord. by 9:00 we have patches of low clouds near union city and hayward. but throughout the rest of the afternoon they will burn back to the coach and we have a mostly sunny sky today with low clouds and fog hanging back to oaths beach and half moon bay. we will take a look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. in developing news this morning, in a few hours a judge will hear a request by governor jerry brown in his effort to avoid a bart strike. to keep trains running, the governor has asked for 60-day cooling-off period in contract negotiations. this as the union and management expressed frustration and and fatigue over the labor dispute. we have the latest from oakland. >> reporter: another ful
parks in dublin, a smoke grenade used in a training exercise started this fire and it funded 70 acres. >> i ran outside. next thing i knew you could not even see there was so much smoke. when the fire started in dublin, they had to call because so many crews were headed to yosemite to fight the fire there. firefighters are facing the problems of how to of my the crews around with firefighters saying they may not be able to send out anymore help because safety at home is the first priority. >> concerned grows among day area residents of a grove of dangerous trees in their commune. the nonprofit group fire safe marin, one of 220,000 grants to remove flammable trees along highway 101 next to the marin civic center but the project is in jeopardy because the group has to come up with the money before the state will reimburse them. they could not have the money and the dead lawn is only in two weeks. >> i hope they can find another source because it is really important. >> they have had such a low rate of fires in marin, there are a lot of other things i would see the money used for, with p
, clouds at noon, and a lot of us are seeing sunshine and the beaches are 64, 62 to 84 and it will be comfortable everywhere. 60's at our beaches and to 78 in land under sun. tomorrow is a lot like today, and not so many clouds, though, in the morning and we will have more sunshine during the afternoon hours, and a cooling breeze and extra clouds for sunday and monday and we will drop our temperatures below average and the warmest day to be outside this weekend is tomorrow. injury. sue? >> we have an update for you with an accident in oakland, northbound 880 at 5th, and it was construction zone and they were late getting that picked up and now an accident blocking traffic nearly at a standstill as you make your way northbound to the downtown oakland area. prepare for delays and hopefully that is clearing out rapidly. to martinez northbound 680 we have reports of a stall in the fast lane there, and we look at the drive times looking good over the a mass, friday lit so far and highway 4, westbound, out of antioch, there is the drive from san rafael to san francisco and wa
, the driver, and another passenger, are in the hospital. listen to what the police chief told us last night. >> the people in the car were under age, local students that should have been starting school. >> police tell us there were no witnesses to the crash, they were out here investigating if seven hours as eric said. they do not know the cause. they say that it does not appear that alcohol or drugs were factors. they are, however, not ruling out whether speed was the cause. >> governor brown says the state is prepared to deploy additional resources to battle a raging fear. the fire is 20 percent contained and firefighters are optimistic about the new containment number although the wildfire has now grown to more than 160,000 acres. 23 structures have been destroyed and more than 4,000 remain threatened. >> the black oakland casino resort in stay away. deer usually spend their winter in the area but most of the deer heard will be safe. some western turtles were forced out and they were found huddled in a puddle of water and committee are oaking on known eagle nests in the area. >> our cov
there is something there, bring it forward, let us work with your child and get the services they need. >> he is being held on a half million dollars bond. police expect to file further charges once more victims are identified. in santa cruz, abc7 news. >> police in union cities have released this sketch for a person wanted toes decent exposure. he's either bald or has very short hair. the man has been spotted wearing a tan fisher minnesota's style hat with eyeglasses. >>> a woman is dead and two others injured, including a two little boy. dispatchers received calls about a shooting on 73rd avenue at 9:40 last night. officers found a man and woman inside the car with gunshot wounds. the woman was dead, the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a four-year-old was hit by shattered glass in the shooting but he has only minor injuries. police have not released any suspect information. >>> also this morning in oakland, police are looking for a gunman who shot four people over a stolen purse. abc7 news reporter john austin has details.o% >> the shooting took place in uptown, oa
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 5:00, thank you for joining us on thursday, i am kristen sze. >> we will check the forecast, i am eric thomas. >> it is very humid so a frizzy hair day. to miles visibility at half moon bay and a lost that is drizzle. everyone looks like they have wide-spread drizzle so be careful. that will continue through 9:00. our forecast for the afternoon, a lot of sunshine inland and 70 to 78, and mild an the bay and mostly sunny and 64 to 74 and partly sunny at the coast to san francisco and 59 to 63. now leyla gulen has the commute the. >> good morning, mike, we have construction wrapping up in pleasanton and traveling along westbound 580, you can see we are still showing heavy traffic because the cones are not all picked up but we do have construction crews. slow for the cone zone and we have clear conditions over the altamont pass and the traffic is not built up yet and the golden gate bridge gets you from san francisco across the bay bridge and san mateo bridge is 12 minutes from east to west. outside we go and san jose
to insert steel plates under the deck. users could use the new bridge while a permanent fix is installed. last month, the officials say the breeze could not open until at least december. >> we need to get people off of the old bridge so if the experts say the temporary fix is sufficient, we should move people over on labor day week if it is possible. >> the metropolitan transportation commission will announce opening day during a meeting tomorrow and they will decide if a public event is held to she bright. >> as the small semester is underway at city college of san francisco the group pushing to revoke accreditation is coming under fire and the d education says that the accrediting commission did not comply with federal rules when it decided to pull the accreditation. it is not clear what impact this will have on the school's future or the tens of thousands of student whose go there. they are set to lose accreditation a year from now unless major reforms are made. >> happening today the oakland unified school district is scheduled to vote on a proposal to sell property now that the real
to use the wipers other than to get the dirt off the car. we will look at what is going on today as we zoom down to san francisco. a lot of sunshine by noon inland and around the bay. temperatures near to below average so we will be close. 79 in petaluma to 86 in brentwood inland. from 72 up to 82 in the south bay around the bay and along the coast into san francisco at 62 to 68 degrees. i will show you what is going on in the sierra with plenty of smoke there and the more less defined areas of gray right here, look how big the system is, and it is continuing to put poor air quality in south lake tahoe and yosemite. i wanted to show you how out of control it was this weekend. >> mike was off-roading defend, is that right? >> right. >> we have clear conditions and as mike was saying go not see wet roads and nothing to be afraid of. we are going to see one problem, though, involving downed power poles that is causing a closure of highway 116 in both directions so detours are in place. if you are living in that area you will see some crews. our drive time traffic from walnut creek to dubl
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> did you notice something new? we have a camera showing the left, the new bay bridge and on the right, the old bridge that will be closed off tonight and make your commute more complicated. >> in 15 hours the closure begins and we will transition to the new one. we will talk more about that. we want to check in on the weather this morning driving across the bay bridge you may find some mist. mike? >> that is a view that looks cleaner than when i came across with clouds have low. right now everything is question it as far as rain on live doppler 7 hd and you will find it rather moist this morning as the marine layer is compressed to 1,000' with more moisture in a smaller place is the afternoon, though, we will have sunshine by noon and it will be coolest at the coast where we will have the cloud cover and 62 and mainly sunny downtown san francisco 66 and around the bay, 70 to 88 and inland from 80 in the north bay to 89 in the east bay develop. how is the morning commute? >> the cou
-year-old is charged with second-degree murder and a special allegation for use of a dangerous weapon and pleaded not guilty in juvenile court. >> new this morning people in illinois are allowed back if their home after a big gas pipeline explosion chased them out overnight. a fuel pipeline that spokesmans a western part of the state exploded with flames shooting 300' in the air. 80 homes were evacuated. the flames could be seen for miles around. all but two residents are allowed back. >> mosquito control is urging horse owners to vaccinate animals for west nile virus because a chicken has tested positive for the virus in novato. officials say horses are most at risk when mosquito activity is high during the summer. 40 percent of infected horses could die. mosquitoes spread west nile and get it from infected birds. >> several people visit add camp -- visiting a catch ground and have fallen ill, with a virus. it spread to 34 campers. officials have sprayed the restrooms and tents and other campgrounds using bleach. the virus comes -- causes flu-like symptoms. >> now our meteorologist w
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. we do have traffic issues but, first, the weather with mike nicco? >>guest: i will take it from here with a sig-alert that canceled northbound along 280 with all lanes re-opening because of an early fatality involving a party bus that went off the road. one person was killed and all lanes have re-opened. we have top speeds in the area. in the east bay in hercules, eastbound along 80, at highway 4, before you get to eastbound connection we have a motorcycle versus a deer blocking one lane with slow-and-go traffic and san jose is wide open and at top speed along 101 headed between the nimitz to the south bay highway 280 with no issues. our forecast shows mike is bringing summer. >> i am trying. we are getting closer. the visibility shows we were dealing with drizzle and, really, low clouds and we have a few low clouds along the peninsula and we have fog around santa rosa at a mile and a quarter, and we will traffic that for you in the morning. from the exploritorium we lock under the bay bridge an
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